IK MULTIMEDIA Launches New Pianoverse Software

IK Multimedia has just released Pianoverse, their brand new (and very versatile) virtual piano instrument.


Pianoverse offers eight selectable pianos. The first pianos available now are based on a Yamaha CFIII Concert Grand, a Yamaha U5 Professional Upright, a Bösendorfer 280 Vienna Concert and a Steinway & Sons New York D-274. IK Multimedia notes they’re also planning Bösendorfer 200, a Steinway & Sons Hamburg D-274, a Fazioli F278, and a Koch & Korselt Upright models.

Pianoverse offers adjustable lid position, harp resonance, pedal noise, and even the noise of the piano mallets. Pianoverse provides two sets of microphones per piano as well as a comprehensive suite of must-have effects tools. There’s selectable EQ and compression, each with multiple modes, for both instrument and room stereo microphone pairs. A dedicated master channel offers EQ and a VCA-style limiter for final mastering polish, while a Stereo Width control quickly sets the width of the image.

Better yet, Pianoverse also offers up to 30 different “destinations” – basically where the piano is being “played.” These range from traditional concert halls and studio spaces to less traditional ones like a warehouse or vault, and otherworldly cinematic environments like an iceberg, desert or even Mars.

Get it here starting at $99.99 per piano.

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