IK MULTIMEDIA Brings Their HAMMOND B-3X Virtual Instrument To The iPad

That’s right, the makers of some of our favorite virtual instruments out there, IK Multimedia, recently announced the new Hammond B-3X tonewheel organ virtual instrument for the iPad! The new app is said to maintain all the realism, detail, and features of the Mac/PC version, but now in a more accessible and portable device, making it perfect for the modern touring musician.


The instrument features the true Real Leslie® sound, which is comprised of the signal being sent to a CABS section that includes a choice of real Leslie amps and speakers that can be mixed and matched for ultimate flexibility. This, along with a parallel guitar amp, 4×12 cabinet, technology from IK’s AmpliTube 4 amp modeling, and the extended version of the company’s Leslie Collection, all add up to a monstrous selection of tones and sound-shaping options, including:

  • Setup – lets users fine-tune the Leslie’s slow and fast speed settings – including acceleration and deceleration – and adjust the mic distance and configuration
  • Leslie Amp – offers a selection of five Leslie power amps (or a power amp modeling off switch) and two guitar power amps to use in any of five Leslie cabinets, with full control over gain, EQ and volume
  • Leslie EQ – enables the rotary speaker to be shaped with high-pass, low-pass, and parametric mid EQ
  • Guitar Amp – adds a parallel guitar amp derived from AmpliTube into the mix for use with popular rock tones used by top rock and blues players; offers full tone-shaping controls and spring reverb
  • Mixer – blends the sound of the Leslie, with independent volume and panning of both the horn and drum mics, the parallel guitar amp, and the DI organ sound for unprecedented tonal flexibility

As for some of the details about the Hammond B-3X for iPad, IK Multimedia had this to say:

“True to the hardware original, Hammond B-3X for iPad begins with 91 tonewheels, which are based on well-maintained Hammond organs that IK studied in locations around the world. These free-running tonewheels are mixed in real-time based on the notes played and drawbar levels, for authentic realism. Hammond B-3X for iPad can be fine-tuned using IK’s detailed models of the original settings, controls and circuits, which were all approved by the Hammond Organ Company. Users can employ tonal filtering, select the independent key click, and engage the iconic Hammond percussion and chorus-vibrato circuits with advanced controls. For deeper exploration and realistic touches, Hammond fans will appreciate a familiar simulation of the effects of “aging” components to control tonal balance, generator leakage and crosstalk, and the chorus circuit’s presence boost.”

“Finally, Hammond B-3X for iPad offers three rackmount studio effects derived from IK’s T-RackS Mixing and Mastering Workstation to add a final, professional touch. IK’s Limiter 76 FET-based compressor offers an iconic, timeless sound; the EQ-81 adds classic console tone-shaping and warmth; and a digital reverb adds a pristine sense of space.”

The Hammond B-3X for iPad is currently retailing for $99.99 on the Apple App Store through March 2020, so head over to the IK website here to learn more and get your mitts on it!

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