IK MULTIMEDIA Gets Into the World of Pedals With AmpliTube X-Gear Series

IK Multimedia has gotten themselves into the realm of pedals with their all-new AmpliTube X-Gear Series.


The series features the X-Drive Distortion Pedal, X-Time Delay Pedal, X-Space Reverb Pedal, and X-Vibe Modulation Pedal. Each pedal features 16 different effects drawn from previous AmpliTube models, 50 factory presets, as well as all-new reverb and delay algorithms. Additionally, each pedal is accompanied by a virtual version of itself that is compatible with AmpliTube 5. So essentially you’re getting a pedal and the accompanying program to get those very same tones on your digital rig. Plus, you can create tones in AmpliTube 5 and save them to the pedal, or vice versa.

The AmpliTube X-Gear Series feature 192kHz internal processing with 4x oversampling, 5Hz–24kHz frequency response, up to 123 dB dynamic range, and built-in USB audio interfaces allowing players to choose between sending the wet or dry signals to their DAW. The AmpliTube X-Gear Series can also send and receive MIDI commands and has an expression pedal input port, should you really want to go nuts with them.

All four pedals are available here for $299.999 each and are expected to ship sometime this August.

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