IBANEZ Release STEVE VAI Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary Tribute Universe Models

Ibanez has at last released the Steve Vai Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary Universe guitars that we saw back in January at the NAMM show. They are Japanese-made 7 string guitars to mark 25 years since the arrival of the solid-body 7 string electric guitar on the scene. They all come equipped with DiMarzio Blaze pickups and a LoPro Edge 7 bridge, old-school square heel neck joint and those disappearing pyramid (why did they not call that a Disappyramid? Seems like low hanging fruit to me.) inlays.


In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Passion & Warfare, Ibanez is proud to release three very special limited edition Steve Vai “Universe” guitars. Critically acclaimed and publicly celebrated for its unique artistic vision and sheer musical muscle, Passion & Warfare is now considered the milestone that marked the arrival of the 7-string solid body electric guitar.

They come in 3 different models – the Passion, Warfare, and Silver finishes. I think they all look awesome, but for my money, the Silver one is where it’s at.



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