IBANEZ GUITARS Introduces Two New FRETLESS BTB Bass Models!

This one’s for all you bassists out there looking to lose the frets on your axe and go full slidey.


Ibanez Guitars recently announced the addition of two new fretless bass models to their BTB line of instruments with the BTB845F and BTB846F basses! The BTB series from Ibanez is known for its aggressive, booming tones and the sheer variety of sounds that are available, so the two new fretless models, the BTB845F and BTB846F, have only expanded on that philosophy.

As far as specs are concerned, here’s what the new axes are rocking:

  • Bartolini BH2 pickups
  • Ibanez Custom 3-band preamp
  • Mono-rail bridge
  • Thru-neck construction.
  • 35″ scale length

You can learn more about the two new BTB fretless models over on the Ibanez website.

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