Ibanez Announces Prestige Uppercut Series Featuring Bare Knuckle Pickups

Tim Mills of UK boutique pickup manufacturer Bare Knuckle Pickups had this to say on the BKP Facebook page today:


“It’s a very proud moment for us at Bare Knuckle Pickups today. After being approached by Ibanez Guitars for a collaboration, all the hard work between Ibanez and the Bare Knuckle team has come to fruition.”

Ibanez Prestige guitars are known for being Ibanez’s top-tier production models, made in Japan with higher quality components than their other models. Now with the addition of Bare Knuckle Pickups, Ibanez has announced their new lineup of 3 guitars, the Prestige Uppercut series.

I sure hope you like black, because these things only come in Black Flat, or a finish called Invisible Shadow, which looks a hell of a lot like black to me. All 3 are fixed bridge, which we haven’t yet seen in an RGD Prestige, and 2 feature Aftermath pickups while the ARZ6UC (sounds a bit like some kind of submachine gun) features a set of Nailbombs (sounds a bit like a kind of bomb). The pickups appear also to come in the battleworn finish offered by BKP, which is probably the most metal look you can get on a pickup.

I’ve played Ibanez guitars for a long time, and I’ve always gravitated towards the Prestige series (because I’m a snob), but I can’t help but wonder why they wouldn’t make these with reverse headstocks. These are clearly all geared towards metal, and from what I’ve experienced, metalheads are all about the reverse. Ibanez pls respond. Y U NO


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  • There’s been a fixed bridge RGD for a while now. It’s available in that Violet Chameleon finish. Also, these things are ridiculously expensive.

    • It also came in flat black with the Tight End (fixed)

  • Any word on price points?

    • Being a prestige model each one is going to be in the thousands. Me ive spent the money on one prestige ibanez and I would spend it again for another. ibanez makes amazing quality guitars

      • Then nope! I think I’ll just chuck a set into my RG420RW.

  • More guitar for Djent.

  • if it was a tiger uppercut maybe i would be more interested

  • ESP>Ibanez

  • Agreed on the reverse head stock!

  • nice work ibanez. make overpriced plain boring guitars then put bare knuckles in them so that 16 year old rich kids will think ‘omg i can soooo djentz with that.

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