I Guess We’re On To Bad Monkey Clones Now

It all started when JHS’ Josh Scott figure out that the Digitech Bad Monkey was a damn near perfect replica of the legedary KLON pedal. That made Bad Monkey prices skyrocket in the secondary market, though they’ve since come back down to earth. Now Scott has discovered that the new Wampler pedal Triumph is yet another excellent clone, maybe even better than the Bad Monkey.


“That mids control alone is insane,” said Scott as transcribed by Guitar World. “This gets it into like Bluesbreaker land pretty easily – backing this [the mids control] off and turning it up puts it into [Tube] Screamer land; and that’s why ‘better Bad Monkey’.”

The good news is that the Triumph is still new and you can get one here for $99.97.

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