HUGHES & KETTNER Release New Black Spirit 200 Floor Amp (Feat. TREY And ISAAC From Gear Gods)

That’s right, it’s finally here.


Hughes & Kettner have just announced their newest addition to their line of amplifiers, but this time, in a smaller package: the Black Spirit 200 Floor! In this cinematic demo, H&K’s own Richard Morgan endeavors to unlock the secrets of the Black Spirit 200 Floor, but gets way more than he bargained for with over 16 guest YouTubers being conjured up with every tone he comes across. In all seriousness, it’s a great way to feature all of the sounds this unit is capable of, and Trey and I even get to make an appearance!

The floorboard sports all the amazing sounds, features, and power of the original Black Spirit 200 head, but with the addition of the incredibly practical switching and control functions of the FSM-432 MK III MIDI Board. The specs also include:

  • 200 watts of power
  • Four amazing channels, with a boost for each
  • Built-in delay, reverb and modulation FX
  • Award-winning Red Box AE+ DI
  • Fully programmable, with direct access to 128 presets
  • Connects to any kind of guitar cab or speaker
  • Free App for iPad and Android
  • Weighs just 8.9 lbs. / 4.1kg!

You can learn more about the Black Spirit 200 Floor and get your hands on one over on the Hughes & Kettner website.

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