How It’s Made: Music Instruments

For those of you unfamiliar with the show How It’s Made, it is a 30 minute doc-style TV series that brings you inside factories to show you the manufacturing process of items used every day. The show has blown my mind many times over and has answered many of my cost-related questions and complaints like “why do my eye glasses cost $300 or more for some plastic?” Needless to say, after they covered eyewear on the show I never complained about the cost again.


Whether you’re a global touring musician or a novice player, the construction of our instruments is something almost every musician has thought about and appreciated at one time or another. I took the liberty of listing all the different videos that detail the construction of instruments you’d find in metal bands for this very reason. Some of these include an inside look at brands you might even be familiar with, including Zildjian, Evans, and D’Addario. If understanding how things work intrigues you, or you’re just high and looking for something fascinating, then I really recommend watching all of these. You might even become a better player in the process.


Drum Shells

Drum Heads

Drum Sticks



Guitar Body

Guitar Strings

Guitar Amps



… and of course Booze

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