Here’s Why PRS Called Their Newest Pedal Horsemeat

PRS recently entered the stompbox game with three new stompboxes – the PRS Horsemeat overdrive, the PRS Mary Cries optical compressor, and the PRS Wind Through the Trees dual analog flanger pedal… but why is one of ’em called Horsemeat? In an interview with The Pedal Show, Paul Reed Smith himself explains:


“I can’t name a guitar Horsemeat – in the pedal business, you can get away with murder!” he says.

“We weren’t gonna name it that [originally],” he adds. “The joke was that it ate Klon Centaurs for breakfast. I went into the office of the person who was designing the pedals [and] said ‘You can’t call a pedal Horsemeat!’ [He] quickly said ‘We’re not changing the name.’ I go, ‘You can’t do that!’ [and] he goes, ‘We just did… and we all like it.’”

The PRS Horsemeat offers a Gain control with Level, Voice, Treble, and Bass knobs to really shape your tone. The Horsemeat can be used as anything from a clean boost or straight overdrive, to pushing your amp’s distorted channel a little more. The Horsemeat is available here for $249.

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