Here’s the Isolated Drum Track to Arch Enemy’s “War Eternal” (a Misnomer Since it Clocks at 4:27)

I hear you, maybe you’re not a fan of Arch Enemy‘s new vocalist. Perhaps you don’t even like their bassist, now that you mention it. Damn, you’re not even into the guitars? But what’s this, you can’t get enough of those sick drums? Yeah buddy, Daniel Erlandsson totals it on the kit. So screw the rest of them, let’s just rock out to that pounding double kick.


The extreme drum afficianados at Sick Drummer have hooked up this “drums only” mix of the new Arch Enemy track “War Eternal.” It’s kind of like a playthrough video but your monitor is broken and you’re reading a book instead, because instead of footage of Erlandsson’s limbs flying every which way you’re treated to essentially a short interview about his drum and cymbal selection, the lack of triggers on all but the kick (it’s a little ambiguous on whether that’s just for the mix in the Sick Drummer feature, or if that’s who the drums are actually treated on the final master of the record, but it’s likely the former), how he approaches his drumming, etc. Cool idea.

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  • What’s cool about isolating this song’s drum tracks is that you’ve now heard ALL of their songs with isolated drum tracks.

    • If you looped the maybe three-four drum parts in this song, you’d be able to put the whole thing together in about as long as the playtime.

  • Mirin’ those drum tones, which I could get samples of them.

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