Here’s A Pedal Powered By Fruit

Tired of buying batteries? Got some fruit on your kitchen counter that’s about to expire? Allow Mattoverse to help!


Mattoverse’s brand new FloraVolt pedal is a fruit and vegetable powered effects pedal that seems pretty easy to use. Just impale your fruit or vegatable of choice on the silver and copper pegs at the top of the pedal, plug in your instrument, and get distorted in a very healthy way.

“Play delicious potato powered diminished chords as you contemplate your produce powered future, or just spend the day ripping sick riffs thanks to that old banana you weren’t going to eat anyway,” said Mattoverse. “Use an apple to sweetly saturate your synths and drum machines, or languish in the luscious tones of your lime powered legato leads.”

And yes – the FloraVolt has a removable acrylic drip plate so your pedal doesn’t get gross. Get one here for $149.

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