HARLEY BENTON Unleashes $91 Metal Telecaster

Harley Benton, in case you were unaware, is the in-house brand of Thomann, Europe’s biggest online musical instrument retailer. They specialize in making outrageously inexpensive gear, and they do this by cutting out all middlemen – there’s no third-party brand or dealers or anything, and you can only get their gear direct from Thomann.


So buying a cheap guitar from them means getting more guitar for the same price, because there’s no markup from multiple parties in between the factory and the retail – unlike any major brand.

So when I hear that they’ve released a $91 metal telecaster-style guitar, they have my attention. The TE-20HH SBK Standard series guitar looks pretty intriguing from where I’m sitting, and I’d like to get one in my hands soon so I can try them out for you guys. But really, who couldn’t use a cheap guitar that looks this slick?

Grab yours today for $91/€76.72 before they change their mind!

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