GIBSON’s New Generation Collection Adds Player Ports to Classic Acoustic Models

Gibson is exploring new acoustic designs with their Gibson Generation Collection. The collection’s main sticking point is that in addition to the traditional (and logical) soundhole in the front of the guitar, there’s a second soundhole dubbed the “Player Port” on the upper side. According to Gibson, the Player Port idea comes from an unused design from 1964. As for functionality, I suppose the idea is a mixture of giving an extra dimension to the guitar’s sound, and allowing players to better hear what they’re doing.


The Gibson Generation Collection features G-00, G-45, G-Writer, and G-200 guitars. All guitars come with Walnut backs and sides, as well as a Sitka Spruce top. All four are also slightly thinner than your standard acoustic, including a slimmer neck profile. Both the G-00 and G-45 are straight up acoustic guitars, while the G-Writer and G-200 are acoustic-electric with an equipped LR Baggs pickup system. It’s also worth noting that the G-Writer and G-200 also feature additional binding and fretboard inlays.

The Gibson Generation Collection is available in both right- and left-handed configurations. The guitars are available here starting at $999.