GIBSON Unveils The New, Definitely “Cool” Looking Flying V: The Modern Flying V

Anyone else here think Gibson is on some sort of hot streak with their marketing lately? First, they announce that they are not going to NAMM, which made everyone say “WHAAAAAAAA? What could they be planning?” After the announcement we had all eyes on Gibson. All they had to do was reveal something rad. Well, they did end up showing at CES in Las Vegas and had something new with them (Photos via Total Guitar):


Well, okay. I guess?

This is what Gibson is calling the Flying V style guitar now (the official name seems to be the Modern Flying V). This definitely “cool” design is certainly something there, Gibson. Not much is known about these right now. We know that a) They come in two colors, gold and silver. b) They will have mirror pickguards. And c) They got one hell of a price tag.

Let’s talk about the shape of these fo a sec. It’s total trash. It’s like Gibson was asking everyone in the building if they had any new ideas and one schmuck said “Hey, you know what? What’s with all these V’s having all those straight lines, huh? You gotta throw some curves in there!” All those straight lines are what makes a ‘V’ a ‘V’. Not even talking about guitars here, that’s just how the letter works. Gibson took that totally great idea and applied it to one of their most classic, not broken shapes, and out came the perfect specimen you see before you.

Aaaaaaanyway, the Flying U is sure to have an official announcement soon. Who knows, maybe this is the hero that Gibson needs. Looks more like a lame sidekick to me. Oh yeah, the price we mentioned earlier? Only $4,500. Gibson sure is cruuuuuuushing it. Yep. This is what crushing it looks like.

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  • ESP Super V and Jackson Roswell Rhodes

    • Thanks I forgot what that Rhoads was called

  • They should just change their name to Dad Guitars already, who else is going to play/can afford that $4500 shitshow?

  • It’s ugly af and I have always thought Gibson to be overrated trash that lives in the past, but give it an Explorer headstock, get rid of that tacky no class pick guard and give it a price that actually makes sense and I’d rock it.

    On a side note: this is exactly why I laugh when people (usually dumb kids and dad rockers) say that Gibson makes the best guitars…

  • It’s the Star Trek logo.

  • Ugly and probably $5000 lol. damn i guessed the pric e before i read the article. how prescient of me.

  • Good luck with that Gibson. I wouldn’t think that’s going to do too well especially at that price but shit what do I know

  • New design? I think Jackson guitars did this shape already with the Roswell Rhoads guitar. Gibson, as an admirer of your guitars since childhood, I think it’s time your company stopped worrying about new models, and address the quality control issues your products have been having lately. You have a well earned status in the industry, but you cannot keep making expensive instruments that do not work properly. Please get the quality up to par, then concern yourself with something fancy and new.

  • Gibsons are the guitars out of touch dad rockers who god worship AC/DC would buy to leave in a case for 99.8% of their ownership. Oh, and they don’t actually PLAY guitar, they just wanna own one to be ‘cool’

  • The only good thing about it is bringing back the old headstock. They should have just just done a vintage/modern line with all the old specs and modern hardware. They should be bringing things back instead of trying to move forward with destroying their iconic recognizable v shape.

  • I honestly think the guitar is awesome looking. Yes, it’s way more than I’d pay for it but I’m sure if it popular cheaper options will be available.

  • daft punk?

  • Someone has lost their freaking mind, and I doubt if very many will sell.

  • I can’t look again…….

  • Man, all these pussies love to talk shit. This guitar looks awesome. Fucking leave your mom’s basements already guys. Gibson is always great quality.

  • Homer Simpson’s desing… remember “The Homer”?

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