GIBSON Goes Retro With The Blacked-Out Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom

The cycle of Kirk Hammett guitars seems to go “introduce the expensive one, and then give everyone the cheaper one later one.” Right now we’re at the “expensive one” stage on this brand new Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom.


The Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom features all-black hardware and comes equipped with uncovered T-Type pickups, as well as a a Fishman Powerbridge piezo bridge pickup system with a Fishman Powerchip preamp and volume control. The Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom was aged by the Murphy Lab to match the look and feel of Kirk’s original 1989 Les Paul Custom, and will cost you a tidy $8,999. Get it here.

“Kirk Hammett’s sleek ‘blacked-out’ 1989 Gibson Les Paul Custom stands out as the enduring favorite in his lineup – the guitar that’s been a steadfast companion throughout his career,” said Gibson of the guitar. “This particular guitar has evolved through several modifications, earning its status as Kirk’s go-to for both recording and touring, and is a mainstay in his arsenal. Now, the Gibson Custom Shop has meticulously recreated this beloved instrument. Introducing the Kirk Hammett 1989 Les Paul Custom.”

If for some reason you don’t have roughly $9,000 to drop on a guitar at the moment, you can at least grab one of the Epiphone renditions of Hammett’s classic Greeny Les Paul and Flying V models right here.

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