GIBSON Drops New Jason Isbell “Red Eye” 1959 Les Paul

Gibson has teamed up with singer-songwriter Jason Isbell for the brand new Jason Isbell “Red Eye” 1959 Les Paul Standard Collector’s Edition from Gibson Custom. The guitar is limited to 59, so if you’ve got $21,999 sitting around, grab one here – or wait for a possible production model for less than five figures.


“Working with Gibson Custom on the ‘Red Eye’ Collector’s Edition has been a thrill and a true honor,” said Isbell. “I was involved in every step of the process, from choosing the tops down to the case candy. I believe these guitars represent the best possible recreation of my 1959 Les Paul, and I’m proud to be associated with the project.”

“Red Eye” was the long-time sidekick of Ed King of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ed purchased it in 1982 and, after Ed passed away in 2018, Jason Isbell purchased Red Eye and often features it in his stage and studio performances. Check it out in action below!

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