GIBSON Announced the New “Burstdriver” Les Paul That Exactly Zero People Want

It’s no mystery that the Gibson brand has been resting on its laurels for some time now. Talk to any knowledgeable guitar geek who isn’t a Gibby fanboy, and you’ll likely hear something about how quality control is hit-or-miss, and how even the custom shop stuff upwards of $5000 has no business being so outrageously expensive. In a nutshell, if you gotta go Gibson, buy oldish secondhand.


Well, right after a hilarious marketing blunder in which they showcased a chipped/damaged version of a new $4799 Les Paul finish, they’re back at it again with an equally laughable misstep. Priced at $5699 is the 2017 Les Paul Burstdriver: a custom shop guitar with a built-in overdrive circuit. Da fuck?

The gaping hole in this massively pricey guitar would be better stuffed with an old sock.

Forget the recessed Level, Tone, and Gain controls that require a tiny screwdriver to access anytime you wanna make an adjustment. Who the hell spending 5 racks on a guitar doesn’t have a quality amp and/or dedicated overdrive pedal? Has anyone ever felt like the one thing that would take their bitchin’ axe over the top is a drilled-in OD circuit? I’m already anti-battery compartment as is, so this thing is just a monstrosity. I have so many questions, but the best I can do right now is shake my head in humored disbelief.

And no, sadly this is not a drill. If you’d like to laugh more at “A Premium Les Paul with a Powerful Secret” (gag), you’ll wanna check out the Burstdriver here.

[via Gear News]

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