Get Heavy With BOGREN DIGITAL’s MLC Subzero 100 Plugin

Bogren Digital has just rolled out their MLC Subzero 100 plugin. The MLC Subzero 100 plugin is based on the guitar amp of the same name and features:

  • Three channels with different voicings and gain capabilities
  • Dual cabinets with a blend slider to mix between them. Each cabinet is miced with five classic microphone models that can be positioned freely, and users can also load their own impulse responses
  • The groundbreaking IRDX technology
  • Two different overdrive pedals in front of the amp — the MLC Vanilla Sky and a model of Jens Bogren’s own classic green overdrive pedal, used on hundreds of records
  • A delay and a reverb pedal in the amp’s effects loop
  • A classic studio EQ for finalizing the sound
  • Noise gate and tuner

On the IRDX technology, Bogren stated that it “uses advanced machine learning methods to reconstruct the difference between a real cab and an impulse response. Any impulse response can be processed with IRDX, and the result is a guitar amp sim that reacts like a real amp, easily fits in a mix without sounding stale, and feels great to play.”

Get it here for $79 for a limited time.

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