Get Four Glenn Fricker Courses for Over 75% Off

Glenn Fricker’s Spectre Sound Studios is offering over 75% off on their Spectre Sound Bundle of courses. The bundle includes Total Heavy Guitar, Mixing Metal in Reaper with Free Plugins, Producing Prog Metal, and Mixing Symphonic Folk Metal and is only $97 (down from the usual $420).


Pick it up here and learn a little more about the courses below.

Total Heavy Guitar

Total Heavy Guitar is the ultimate Metal guitar record course. Glenn takes you through all aspects of recording guitar, everything from picking the right mics to dialing in your amp.

This course is the culmination of decades in trail and error, figuring out what works and what doesn’t work and distilling it into one course so you don’t have to.

Mixing Metal in Reaper with Free Plugins

Mixing Metal in Reaper with Free Plugins is all about the basics. We stripped away all the fancy 3rd party plugins and wanted to prove, once and for all, that mixing is about making decisions and that when you make good, foundational mix decisions, that a great mix can be achieved with entirely free plugins. No matter where you are in your mixing journey, you are going to learn the necessary skills and mixing habits that you can use to grow your skills as a mixer so that you can feel confident in your ability, regardless of what tools you have available to you.

Producing Prog Metal

Got a killer progressive metal instrumental but need it to sound dynamic, big, fat, and powerful?

This is the course you were looking for.

Glenn takes you through the entire process of producing and recording a progressive metal song fit full of guitar solos, drum fills, rhythm guitars, and a perfect bass tone that’ll glue your entire mix together.

Mixing Symphonic Folk Metal

Curious how to handle a dense and dynamic folk metal song? Perhaps you need a challenge and want to tackle a song with quad tracked guitars, operatic vocals, screaming vocals, real drums, and tons of keyboard parts? Yeah, that’s what this course is all about!

Glenn takes you through his process of mixing this epic Protokult song “Flight of The Winged Hussar,” from reducing drum bleed, reamping guitars, to the importance of automation and volume control—all in the name of folk metal!

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