Fender and Jensen Team Up To Create the Ultimate Jazz Amplifier

I love the sound of a good Fender for jazz guitar. It’s not always the easiest thing to come by – I’ve run into various models and makes of their Reverb amps and not been in love with the way it sounds. As George Benson discusses in the below video, you need the right kind of headroom, but you also need an amp that reacts to your playing – unlike in rock music, the guitar is meant to be sung in jazz, with little disconnect from the idea in your head to the sound that emits. An amp with too much attack, or with reverb that’s too tingle-y, or anything that makes the sound too unnatural, is usually the opposite of what you want.


So I’m excited to try out Benson’s Fender amp, the GB Twin Reverb. A collaboration between Fender and Jensen, the amp comes loaded with two Jensen Tornado 12-inch speakers calibrated to 100 watts, capable of dealing with the amp’s 85-watt setting. In other words, this means that the amp can be worked to a high degree of sensitivity to whatever room you’re playing in, which is pretty critical for jazz or other quiet music gigs.

Check out a brief video of Benson discussing the Twin Reverb below:

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