Funk Legend Leo Nocentelli Has His Own DUNLOP Wah Pedal

Funk legend Leo Nocentelli, guitarist of The Meters and recently unearthed solo artist, has teamed up with Dunlop for his very own signature wah pedal. Dubbed the Leo Nocentelli Cry Baby Mardi Gras Wah, the pedal offers all the syrupy, wide-range wah you could possibly want while attempting to emulate Nocentelli‘s New Orleans-infused licks. The pedal also comes with a custom fleur-de-lis tread because again – New Orleans.


Heel-down, the pedal ranges between 290 Hz to 310 Hz, while toe-down goes more toward 1.4 kHz to 1.5 kHz. Other than that, it’s a wah pedal – we’re waiting for a demo, you know? Though if you’re truly sold on this one already, you can pre-order it here for $199.

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