FRANK MARINO To Make Production Models Of His Custom Pedals

Frank Marino, guitarist for Mahogany Rush, is planning on assembling and releasing a line of pedals based on his own custom builds. In an interview with KSKQ, Marino said he’s going to build the pedals himself and as closely as possible to his own rig.


“I’m actually about to put out a line of guitar pedals… like the actual pedals I use. I built all my own stuff, so I’ve decided to take three of the ones that I’ve built and I’ve been using for 40 years and rebuild them [for other guitarists]… one of them is a clean boost, the other one is an overdrive with a full EQ and the other one is a super overdrive.”

On his plans of actually building the pedals given his schedule, Marino said he does have one single helpful. “I have one helper – a kid named Ryan. [Otherwise] I am putting them together myself and I am going to sign them. They are very boutique. The designs are all my own. Very pro.”

Marino added he’s waiting for a bunch of copyright stuff to clear and then he’ll reveal more information. So stay tuned, especially if you’re into Marino’s classic tones.

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