FRACTAL AUDIO Introduces New FM9 Floor Unit

Fractal Audio is back with an all new amp modeler, effects processor, foot controller, and audio interface in the FM9. The FM9 is the most powerful floor unit from Fractal yet, with four DSP cores and technology previously included in the Axe-Fx III, FM3, and FC Controllers. The FM9 also features the same large and full-color main display as the Axe-Fx III and FM3, as well as nine on-board footswitches, each with its own vari-color LED ring and mini LCD display.


The FM9 offers Fractal Audio’s “Secret Sauce” 1/4″ instrument input alongside two separate stereo pairs of balanced 1/4″ jacks for use as aux ins or returns. The main stereo output equipped with both XLR and 1/4″ outs with a headphones jack, while the two stereo outputs feature both XLR and 1/4″ outs that can be used as aux outs or sends. The FM9 also offers a FASLINK II port to connect up to two additional Fractal Audio FC-12 or FC-6 foot controller, a digital I/O with 48k SPDIF in and out, and a USB that provides 8×8 computer audio and MIDI interaction.

The FM9’s dual amp blocks each have four channels to run over 280 amp models, as well as the entire Ultra-Res speaker cabinet collection from the Axe-Fx III, over 2,200+ Factory cabs, and 1,024 User locations for loading your own IRs. Then there’s the hundreds of stomp box and studio effects, from classic ones like reverb and chorus, to an entire suite of pitch effects like detune, harmony, and virtual capo. Basically, you’ve got every single tone you could need at your fingertips.

The FM9 is available for $1,599. There’s currently a waitlist to get one, so sign up here.

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