FOCAL Introduces New Trio6 ST6 Monitors

Focal has unveiled their brand new Trio6 ST6 3-way studio monitors. The Trio6 ST6 are all-analog studio speakers featuring an 8″ subwoofer with a “W” cone, a 5″ midrange woofer, and a beryllium tweeter featuring IAL (Infinite Acoustic Loading) to control resonance. The Trio6 ST6 also brings with it new dual Focus mode, which essentially creates three different sounding monitors.


The Trio6 ST6 includes a variable high-pass crossover and a 160Hz parametric crossover to reduce reflections from the console.

“At Focal, we never rest on our laurels and always push the boundary of what we consider to be state-of-the-art. This is in our DNA,” said said Sylvain Gondinet, Product Manager for the Focal Professional Division. “We’re constantly pushing the boundary of transducer design and acoustic performance, but when designing a tool used for creation it’s far more than just striving for the best measurement. As a mixer and a studio designer myself, I know that our understanding and interpretation of physics in audio is intimately linked to psychoacoustics and, therefore, our emotions.

“The product development team asked ourselves, ‘How do we improve on an already widely recognized Trio6 Be while staying true to our analog design values?’ It was a real labor of love. The R&D team really pushed to squeeze the most performance out of the speaker from a technical standpoint, but that wasn’t where we stopped.”

“We had to gather as much perspective and feedback as possible. After all, at this point in time, we were a bit biased. We went to a handful of iconic studios and had some renowned engineers and mixers spend time with our prototypes. We gathered their feedback carefully and we continued to refine the Trio6.

“In the end, there were nearly a dozen different iterations of this speaker before we landed on this version. The new Trio6 ST6 is an incredibly precise tool but also gives you the feeling that you’ve known the monitors forever. The translation is effortless. We are overjoyed with the results and are confident you will be too.”

Get the Trio6 ST6 here for $3,499 each.

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