FOCAL Has A New Line Of Studio Monitors

Focal has unveiled their new ST6 series of monitor speakers. The series includes an upgraded version of the Focal Solo6 and Twin6 monitors, as well as the brand new Sub12 subwoofer.


The newly-redesigned Solo6 and Twin6 monitors offer new drivers, with the Solo6 coming with a 6.5″ composite W-cone woofer and the Twin6 living up to its name and offering two of the same. Both speakers also offer a 1.5″ Beryllium inverted dome tweeter, with the Twin6 allowing listeners to switch off the tweeter via a footswitch to create a 1-way system in “Focus” mode.

The Solo6 is bi-amped, with 80 watts to the woofer and 50 to the tweeter. The speaker’s frequency response ranges from 45 Hz to 40 kHz (@ -3 dB). The Twin6 has 70 watts to both its woofers and 50 to the tweeter, with the same frequency response as the Solo6.

Then there’s the Sub12. The Sub12 offers a 13″ composite W-cone high-excursion woofer capable of delivering lows down to 30 Hz. The woofer has a 1,000 watt peak and can reach up to 124.5 dB SPL.

The Solo6 is available here for $1,599, the Twin6 for $2,299, and the Sub12 for $2,599.

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