FLUFF Shows You How To Build an In-Ear Monitoring System


Everyone’s (editor’s note: second) favorite music beard Ryan “Fluff” Bruce of Rest, Repose, is a true Renaissance man. He’s been spreading his vast knowledge of the music gear world across the internet for years now, I really don’t think he can stop. And now he can just put together an entire in-ear monitoring system. No big deal or anything.

Thankfully, Fluff was nice enough to share this journey with all of you in his new video! Hooray! And he covers EVERYTHING. He thoroughly explains his thought process behind every decision in terms of gear used, cost, planning how the thing is going to be physically set up (that part was especially helpful), and mistakes he ended up making. Ryan left no stone unturned or cable unsoldered. One thing is stressed throughout the video, it is NOT cheap. This sort of project is not for the faint of wallet, so don’t think this sort of thing can be whipped up in an afternoon.

But, just because you might not be able to afford it, doesn’t make the video any less helpful. Learning about the whole process was FASCINATING to say the least. 10 outta 10 great job.

If you’re unfamiliar with the rest of Ryan’s work, go fix that over on his YouTube channel.

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