FISHMAN Teams With RAMMSTEIN Guitarist For New Signature Pickups

Fishman has teamed up with Rammstein guitarist and solo artist Richard Z Kruspe for a brand new signature pickup set.


The Fluence Richard Z Signature Series is the first Fishman offering to feature three distinct sounds, with the third sound being a crystal-clear single coil tone alongside the two voices you’d expect from the dude who plays in Rammstein. The Fluence Richard Z Signature Series is available in sets of metallic red and brushed stainless finish.

“RZK initially found himself gravitating towards the captivating tones of the Modern Series Humbuckers. However, it was a transformative encounter with our innovative hybrid magnet design that truly left a mark on him,” said Fluence Brand Manager Ken Susi.

“The intriguing blend of the blade’s smooth decay and the poles’ orchestrated chaos resonated harmoniously with his unique sound. As a fitting final touch, Richard’s sonic journey was elevated by the addition of metallic red covers, adding a visual flair that complemented his artistic vision perfectly.”

“If American pioneer spirit and German precision come together, a new pickup is born,” added Kruspe. “The Fluence RZK Signature Series….. Powerful, reliable, tight and unmistakable.”

Get ’em here – the Stainless Steel is $289.95, while the Metallic Red set is a little pricier at $309.95.

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