FISHMAN Drops New Loudbox Micro Acoustic Amp

Fishman is continuing their Loudbox line of amplifiers 30 years down the line with the brand new Loudbox Micro.


The Loudbox Micro packs 40 watts of power into a lunchbox-sized combo, and features sealed cabinet design paired with a bi-amplified driver configuration. The Loudbox Micro offers a dedicated microphone channel along an instrument channel with a Master Volume knob and Fishman’s preamp and tone control design. As an added bonus on the instrument channel, you’ve got reverb and chorus options.

The Loudbox Micro also includes an auxiliary input, a balanced XLR D.I. output, and a 3.5mm headphone jack when you want to play quietly. “We’re very proud to offer Loudbox performance in an incredibly small size,” said Senior Product Manager David Fournier of the amp. “The workmanship, price and performance is as inspiring as the sound you’ll achieve from your acoustic guitar.”

Get it here for $299.95.

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