FISHMAN Adds Three New Pedals To Its AFX Acoustic Guitar Pedals

Fishman has just dropped three new pedals in their AFX Mini pedal family, and they all seem like pretty logical additions.


First up is the AFX Mini BlueChorus which delivers chorus effects without completely coloring the sound. The AFX Mini BlueChorus offers Analog, Vintage, and Classic modes, all voiced to sit comfortably within the acoustic sound. The AFX Mini BlueChorus ranges from subtle doubling effects to a full acoustic ensemble behind you, the AFX and features a Rate control that sets the speed of each effect and a Depth control that blends it perfectly into your mix.

The AFX Mini BlueChorus also offers a Tone control rolls-off the high frequencies of each effect – but not the acoustic sound – when players want to thicken up their sound but retain the definition of their leads.

Then there’s the AFX Mini EchoBack, which is a simple but feature-rich delay pedal with tap tempo that adds tone and texture without completely coloring the instrument’s sound.

The AFX Mini EchoBack offers three delay types – Analog, Digital, and Tape – controlled by the Delay knob or tap a tempo to get the rhythm and feel for the moment. Any changes in delay time will create a temporary pitch effect, just like the originals that inspired these new versions. A Repeats control sets how many echoes are heard while the Level knob blends in the delay alongside the signal – not on top of it.

Then there’s the AFX Mini AcoustiComp that offers simple, effective compression, making it easy to gain control over playing dynamics. The AFX Mini AcoustiComp is based on the popular Aura Spectrum compressor and provides mild, effective dynamic leveling designed to complement acoustic instruments.

The new AFX Mini BlueChorus, EchoBack and AcoustiComp all have 32-bit DSP processing and provide True Bypass and buffered bypass options, and are available here for $119.95 each.

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