Fine Tune Your Delay Game With SEYMOUR DUNCAN’s New Vapor Trail Deluxe

Seymour Duncan has given their classic Vapor Trail delay pedal an upgrade with the brand new Vapor Trail Deluxe.


The Vapor Trail Deluxe adds tap tempo, expression control, presets, and special delay modes on top of everything the Vapor Trail offered, as well as delay times up to 1.2 seconds. The Vapor Trail Deluxe also features a TRS FX loop that allows you to process wet signal through additional effects, or even split the signal to two amps.

Alongside four time division modes, the Vapor Trail Deluxe offers:

  • Micro Delay, which is an extremely fast repeat for replicating double-track, slapback, and Leslie speaker-like effects
  • Pitch Sequence, which acts like an arpeggiator with up and down octaves in eight customizable, rhythmic sequences.
  • Pitch Bender, which puts dive-bomb and glissando control at the tap of your toe.
  • Runaway, which offers endless repeats and building energy of runaway delay with effortless control.

By popular demand, the Vapor Trail Deluxe lets you choose whether your delay trails will decay naturally after you’ve switched off the effect.

The Vapor Trail Deluxe is available now for $229.