Find of the Week – John Bonham’s Snare on eBay

Any Zep fans out there? It’s hard to say whether modern heavy music would exist in its current form without the occult imagery and proto-metal riffs of Led Zeppelin, and if you can believe that shit about John Bonham’s 30 minute drum solos, then the virtuoso element may also be attributed to them. If nothing else, the iconic production of the drumset in the stairwell and the huge reverb sounds they produced continues to echo throughout modern rock music.


Well, for the low price of $17,000, you can own a piece of that magic, and then you can hit it with a stick. One of John Bonham’s snare drums (a steel Ludwig) is up for grabs on feeBay today, so grab it fast before it rambles on.

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  • this snare drum is made from an aluminum alloy, not steel

  • 1:21pm on october 1st….still NO bids haha

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