FENDER’s KEVIN SHIELDS Pedal Is Back And Way Cheaper

Fender released their limited edition signature fuzz pedal for My Bloody Valentine guitarist Kevin Shields earlier this year. The pedal was numbered and actually featured hidden new music from Shields himself, and of course sold out quick. Fortunately there’s now a non-limited version and it’s way cheaper.


The Shields Blender grabs Shield’s classic 1970s Fender Blender, and mixes it up with two foot-switchable channels of fuzz with dedicated level controls, the ability to blend the fuzz voice with your clean signal or with a sub-octave fuzz, and a sag foot-switch that offers sputtering and ducking effects. The Shields Blender is housed in a 1970s inspired roadworthy chassis with top-mounted jacks and is powered by a 9-Volt Battery or center negative AC adaptor.

The original ran for $499.99, while this one goes for a more palatable $299.

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