FENDER Unveils New Thin Acoustic Highway Series

Fender is back with some very thin acoustics, thanks to their new Highway Series. The acoustics in the Highway Series are only 2.25″ deep and come loaded with Fishman Fluence pickups mounted right up against the end of the neck. The Highway Series features a smaller Parlor model and a bigger Dreadnought model, all with “C”-shaped necks, Rosewood fretboards, and Mahogany and Spruce bodies.


“The Highway Series represents a bold step forward in the world of acoustic guitars, offering musicians a new avenue for sonic exploration and self-expression,” says Billy Martinez, VP of Product – FMIC Acoustics & Squier.

“Among the many standout features, we partnered with Fishman to bring their cutting-edge electronic pickup technology, the Fishman Fluence Acoustic pickup to the realm of traditional acoustics and meticulously crafted the necks to deliver an amazing playing experience. These guitars are a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of guitar design and manufacturing.”

All four entries into the Highway Series are available here for $999.99.

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