FENDER Unveils Johnny Marr Jaguar In Fever Dream Yellow

You already know the Johnny Marr Fender Jaguar signature guitar, but you don’t know it in Fever Dream Yellow. Or at least you didn’t until right now.


The Johnny Marr Fender Jaguar retains all the specs of the usual signature guitar, just in one hell of a new finish. This means you’ll get a Maple neck based on Marr’s 1965 Jaguar with custom profile and vintage-style heel truss rod adjustment, a 7.25″-radius rosewood fingerboard with 22 vintage-style frets, and two custom-wound Bare Knuckle Johnny Marr single-coil pickups. Elsewhere, the guitar offers a four-position blade pickup switch and dual upper-horn slide switches, the latter being universal bright and pickup-switch position four bright.

Get one here for $2,299.99 (or the originals here for $2,249.99).

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