Fender To Make A More Affordable Version Of PEARL JAM Guitarist’s Signature

Fender Custom Shop recently rolled out the Mike McCready Stratocaster, which would cost anyone looking to buy it a tidy $15,000. So not exactly in the price of just about everyone. Fortunately, the Pearl Jam guitarist said that he’s working with Fender on a new model that’ll be affordable for the rest of us.


“They did such a great job that I’ve actually confused the new model with the original at times,” said McCreedy in an interview with Guitar Player.

“I did wonder for a moment if my original might feel a little different once they’d taken it apart and reassembled it, but it was in the hands of Master Builders, so the mojo was still there when I got it back. I guess I’ve done maybe a thousand shows with it, so it’s a part of me. We’re working on a more affordable signature model now, because obviously this limited-run Custom Shop model is a relatively expensive guitar.”

In the meantime, check out the super high-end version below.

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