FENDER Teams With Saint Laurent For Stupidly Expensive Strat

Yves Saint Laurent has teamed up with Fender to make a guitar that’s prohibitively expensive without any real, actual reason that it should be that way. I mean look, the Strat is nice looking and all that, but is it actually worth $12,500? Nah.


The Strat on Saint Laurent’s website doesn’t even list any of the specifications. It only mentions that it has the company’s logo on it and that it’s “60% METAL, 40% WOOD.” Because when you’re spending over ten grand on a guitar, that’s all you need to know, baby! There’s also an amplifier for $3,000 and picks for $32, just in case you didn’t want to set actual fire to your money.

And look – I know it’s easy to be a pessimist about these things, but also come on. You’re paying for the branding and the opportunity to tell your other rich friends where you got this guitar from. Not because it’s really anything special.

Look at ’em here.

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