FENDER Teams Up With Final Fantasy XIV For New Guitar

Final Fantasy XIV developers Square Enix have teamed up with Fender for a new Final Fantasy-themed guitar and honestly, it looks pretty killer.


The Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster comes with an all-black finish with a few neon flourishes, reminiscent of the Final Fantasy world. The guitar also features an in-game Final Fantasy mechanic called “limit break”, which boils down to a push-pull tone pot that allows you to run the bridge and middle pickups in series. Since y’know, we all can’t summon demons and carry around badass sword in our daily lives.

The Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster also features a 12th-fret meteor symbol inlay and a neckplate with the Final Fantasy XIV logo. The same goes for the hardshell case, alongside the classic Fender logo.

Oh, and here’s the best part – Final Fantasy XIV just rolled out Patch 5.55 that allows you to use the guitar in-game. According to Square Enix, the patch is out on May 25 and “will introduce the new electric guitar instrument to bard’s Performance mode. Adventurers across the realm will be able to jam in-game using the Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster.”

The Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster will be available for pre-order later this year and will retail for $3,499.99.

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