FENDER Puts A Modern Twist On Their New Bassman

Fender has given their Fender Tone Master ’59 Bassman 4×10 amplifier a pretty serious modern twist, and it sounds excellent.


First and foremost, the modern bit – the Tone Master ’59 Bassman amplifier digital processing power to model the circuitry and 45-watt power output of an original Bassman tube amp alongside a high-performance class D power amp to achieve the headroom and dynamics of the tube amp.

The Tone Master ’59 Bassman amplifier offers four Jensen P-10R speakers, convolution spring reverb, a vintage/tight switch for smoother bass response and a post-power amp effects loop, as well as an output power selector for full power and five attenuated settings and the all-important impulse response (IR) XLR line output for detailed cabinet simulations.

Get the Tone Master ’59 Bassman here for $1,499.99.

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