Fender Micro Pedals Do Great Work in a Body Smaller than Most Gerbils

Fender’s never been known as a power player in effects pedals the way that they are with guitars and amplifiers. The company has always offered the occasional smattering of distortion pedels, tuners, etc, but it says something that they licensed the names of some of their most iconic amps to Boss for a line of stompboxes (the ’65 Deluxe Reverb, and ’59 Bassman). If Fender really wanted to be a presence in the world of things you step on they would have made those “amp in a pedal” units themselves.


But perhaps things are changing. Fender has just nearly doubled their available lineup of effects pedals with the addition of four new models. All are part of a “Micro” line that’s designed to minimize the footprint on your pedalbaord. Interestingly, all are utility pedals first and foremost. There’s an ABY, a Compressor, a DI box, and a 5-band graphic EQ. All are priced at $80, except for the ABY which is a mere $65.

While practical pedals of this ilk aren’t the type to engender hot burining passion in the same way that an analog delay with tap tempo does, I’m all for any box that does a job well while living inside of a tiny, tiny frame. Look for these to hit stores soon.

Source: Premier Guitar

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