FENDER Makes Use Of Leftover Finish With New, Limited Models

Fender is making good use of unused finish around their workplaces, it seems. Fender has just introduced a Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Jazzmaster all with  Waste Bucket Sparkle – a finish that consists of leftovers from when the Fender Custom Shop does their regular sparkle finishes.


It’s a pretty cool effect that’s unique to these guitars, and one that certainly doesn’t waste any paint! All three models are exclusive to Chicago Music Exchange, who said:

“Don’t be fooled by the name! After spraying sparkle finishes, the Fender painters are left with a unique bucket of excess sparkle—so, we wondered, ‘What would that look like as a finish on our favorite Fender guitars?” The results were stunning, to say the least, with each guitar painted with material from this bucket getting its own unique combination, making it so that no two of them are exactly alike! This is the most Unique finish fender makes!”

The Waste Bucket Sparkle models are a 1955 Ash Stratocaster that goes for $6,000, 1955 Ash Telecaster that goes for $5,960, and 1962 Jazzmaster that costs $7,000. Get ’em here.

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