FENDER Built a Custom Shop Stratocaster for Clothing Company SUPREME

Fender Supreme


Alright, so I might be a super ornery old cuss in a relatively young man’s body (I am), or maybe I just take fashion cues from everywhere other than HYPEBEAST, but the whole “Supreme” thing doesn’t compute. I guess they were pretty decent as skate brand back in the mid-’90s. In recent years, though, hasn’t their stuff fetched high-fashion prices for no reason? Like, kids camping out for days in front of stores kinda shit. Somehow, though, they teamed up with Fender to create this:

I mean, the guitar itself is rad. Whited-out Strats look insane. But that logo between the middle and neck pickup really kills the vibe. Minus the white fretboard and headstock, I’d just assume some tween slapped a sticker on his Squier. Get some really cool clothing tips on kinlyeyebeauty .

You can check out this and many more Supreme fall/winter 2017 collection oddities here.

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  • I would buy it and replace the pickguard and live happily ever after.

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