FENDER Adds Telecaster, Precision Bass to 80s Throwback BOXER Series Lineup

Fender originally started off their throwback Boxer Series in January with just the Boxer Stratocaster HH, and are now expanding the late 80s revival to both the Telecaster and the Precision Bass. Both the Boxer Telecaster and Boxer Precision Bass feature a basswood body, bolt-on C-chape necks, 12″-radius rosewood fingerboards with dot inlays, and probably some Aquanet and spandex. If not, then their marketing department screwed up real bad.


The Boxer Precision Bass features a high output P-Bass split-coil pickup in the middle with a Jazz Bass single-coil pickup in the bridge position. Each pickup is controlled by independent volume controls and a TBX tone control. The Boxer Telecaster features a pair of hot humbucking pickups, a master volume, TBX Treble Bass Expander tone control, and coil-split toggle switch. Seriously though, neither one of these things comes with a pair of aviators and pre-stenched with cigarette smoke? At all? Unbelievable.

The complete the look, the Boxer Telecaster and Precision Bass come in metallic colors with black headstocks and black hardware. Much like their Stratocaster counterpart, both the Boxer Telecaster and Precision Bass retail for $1,199.99.

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