Felix Martin Launches the FM Chordinero for Extended Range Guitars

Felix Martin, in collaboration with Chordinero, has launched a new type of guitar capo called the FM Chordinero. The FM Chordinero allows FM Guitars to play entirely fingerstyle, instead of relying so heavily in tapping. In the words of Martin, this style is dubbed “Extended Fingerstyle” or “FM Guitars Fingerstyle”.


“It is very exciting to introduce this new style of fingerstyle playing. Imagine playing a normal guitar, and then having another one on top with any desired tuning,” said Martin.

“This opens up a new territories for the fingerstyle technique. The possibilities are endless, you can even play one chord made out of 12 or 16 strings. You can also solo on one fretboard while playing chord on the other, all fingerstyle.”

The FM Chordinero is available here, along with additional rods.

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