FELIX MARTIN Launches Signature Guitar Brand FM GUITARS

You’ve probably seen the guitar wizard Felix Martin around these parts before, what with his incredible two-handed tapping/percussive guitar playing style. The LA-based musician has definitely become somewhat of an anomaly in the modern prog and metal scenes for his ultra-unique style of playing and the incredible custom guitars that he plays, but now he’s shifting gears into the next phase of his musical journey as he announces his very own guitar brand: FM Guitars!


Specializing in guitars with 12, 14, and 16-strings, the FM Guitars line of instruments has been created specifically with tapping in mind. The ability to play two guitars at the same time allows the player to rethink the way they imagine and play chords, harmonies, chord-melodies, and many other techniques that would not be possible on a standard guitar. The guitars can also be recorded in stereo to be processed separately with different FX on each fretboard.

The instruments each have one wide neck with two fretboards, and can be chosen from the following configurations: 12-strings (6+6), 14-strings (7+7), and 16-strings (8+8). And although they come in a variety of styles, the guitars can also be custom-ordered with more player-specific customization options. And in case you don’t believe us when we tell you how incredible these instruments are, just have a look for yourself below!

From FM Guitars:

“These guitars are for any ‘standard technique’ guitarists who also want to extend their tapping techniques. Having two identical fretboards opens up thousands of new possibilities for chords, chord-melody, double melody, power chords, shred/leads ideas, and all kinds of other techniques! In other words, it’s an extension of the electric guitar, simulating two instruments as one.”

The guitars are starting at $1200 for a 12-string guitar, which all things considered, is an absolute steal. You can learn more about these gorgeous instruments over on the FM Guitars website.

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