Fake YouTuber Attempts To Scam REVV AMPS, Gets Sent Fake Amp | SCAMMING THE SCAMMERS

As a YouTuber, I like to think that I’m not cool enough for someone to try and impersonate me. After all, doing YouTube is farther down the ladder of media types than porn, dinner theater, and college improv troupes.


But apparently there are people even lower than us – scammers. A sad bunch, if we’re the ones they’re impersonating now. One of these upstanding citizens attempted to scam our favorite Canadians, the amp company Revv, out of one of their G20 amps (a fine choice if you ask me) by impersonating YouTuber Guitar MAX (also a fine choice). Luckily, Revv are no dummies, and they caught on to the scummy little bastard pretty quick – but rather than calling the mounties on him like I probably would have, they decided to take the high road – but also have some fun with him.

So they got his address, and sent him a FAKE G20. CAN YOU IMAGINE HIS THOUGHTS AS HE OPENED THE BOX!!?!??!?! He for sure thought he had successfully scammed a free amp, and instead got a beautiful paperweight – and hopefully a life lesson.

In case that weren’t enough, the good guys at Revv had Max pick another winner from their Make Music At Home contest, and send them a brand new G20 to put a positive spin on the whole situation – a happy ending straight out of a weird bedtime story.

Check my grandma Glenn’s video above for all the juicy details on this hilarious and bizarre tale that only 2020 could have cooked up.

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