FAIRFIELD ELECTRONICS Brings the Ferocious Fuzz With the ~900 Pedal

Fairfield Electronics is here to give you an extremely straightforward, ferious fuzz tone with their new ~900 pedal. The pedal is based on Fairfield Electronics’ discontinued Four Eyes Fuzz and offers a fairly wide range of gai and harmonics, and will “slap the ice cream cone right out of your hand.” So maybe eat before plugging it in, yeah?


The ~900 features two cascading JFET gain stages and is controlled by an Input knob for input gain, Fuzz for second stage gain, Bias for second stage gain plus bias, and Volume for overall output pedal. More importantly, the ~900 has the serial number of AF0001, which of course stands for “All Fuzzes Are Friends.” Which is very correct.

The ~900 is available here for $259CAD, or about $205USD.