Eyal Levi Just Released a Custom Drum Sample Pack

Our pal Eyal Levi certainly keeps busy. In addition to manning the producer’s chair for bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Job For a Cowboy Chelsea Grin, The Contortionist, and a billion more, running the Unstoppable Recording Machine workshop, as well as taking the time to pen the occasional op-ed for us, he’s been hard at work on a collaboration with Drumforge creating a custom drum sample library.


For fans of his work, this is a pretty special project. In addition to mixing samples from Drumforge 1, Eyal also brought in samples from his own personal vault for the expansion pack. These samples, comprising 3 Kicks, 3 Snares, 3 sets of toms, and 1 set of cymbals, and a custom interface, are specifically designed with heavy metal bands and engineers in mind, so if you’re looking for some new drum sounds that truly slap face, definitely check these out.

Check out a trailer for the expansion below, featuring some demo audio of the samples:

Eyal Levi Expansion is available now (and discounted at that, so get on it) in WAV formats, and is also compatible with Kontakt 4 & 5 and Trigger. Nab it here.

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