EXIST IMMORTAL Guitarist Mike G. Breaks Down The Solo In “Dust Cloud”

Having officially signed to Seek & Strike Records AND on the heels of releasing their latest EP Act One late-last year, it’s fair to say that UK progressive metal monsters Exist Immortal have been a bit busy. On top of that, the band kicked off 2021 by dropping a music video for their absolute bangin’ track “Dust Cloud” (watch below), and now guitarist Mike G. is here to break down his guitar solo from that very track! Grab your guitar, your beverage of choice, and get ready for your fingers to get a workout, only right here, on Gear Gods!


Keeping with the theme of the song it’s from, Mike’s solo from “Dust Cloud” is a beautiful blend of shred and melody. As you’ll see in the video, his solo includes bluesy bends, EVH-esc shreddy tapping, hooky melodies, and more! Mike does a great job of both explaining each individual section of the solo and playing it fast and slow, so give it a shot if you dare and share your work once you’ve mastered it!

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