ESP Starts Selling Cosmetically Defective Models As New “Player Grade” Option

ESP has begun selling “player grade” guitars in the United States. Basically it’s all the guitars that have some physical imperfections, but otherwise play totally fine. So if you’re not a stickler for everything being squeaky-clean, these are the deals for you!


“These guitars and basses are now available to you via the ESP web site with the description ‘Player Grade,'” wrote ESP. “Player Grade means the instrument is perfectly functional as any brand new guitar or bass we sell.

“We test Player Grade instruments to ensure that their playability (action and setup) is superb, and all electronics are functioning perfectly, as you’d expect from us. They are covered under the same ESP Warranty as all new instruments we sell, apart from the aforementioned minor cosmetic defect(s).

Player Grade instruments are available to members of the ESP All Access community in the USA at a significant discount off the normal street price. Check ’em out here.

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